The Power of Audio Books and Uncovering the Wound Beneath the Scab

Published on August 22nd, 2017 / by Mary / Leave a Comment

Writers often report having begun a love affair with books even prior to entering first grade. I’ve struggled for years to squash my envy, and still, when a friend announces having consumed a book on their three-hour plane flight home (one I’ve been pining to read or listen to), my envy quotient rises well beyond […]


Power of Peer Mentors

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Some of you may have seen the following post on my Facebook page: Sometime in my thirties, I lost touch with my best friend from high school. This was before the Internet. I forgot her married name and I couldn’t find her. A year and a half ago, she sent me a message through her […]


A Call to Journal

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Navigating the complicated link between letter names and sounds stretched miles beyond my elementary school years. Seventh and eighth grade brought continued bafflement with the apparent ease in which others effortlessly deciphered the code. What were the hidden rules they were all privy to? Again and again I pondered the unfairness of being plagued with a burning desire to […]